About Fusion

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Fusion Forex was formed with the end user in mind, with years of experience in the forex markets we noticed a lack of consistent trade copying services with low drawdown, minimal market exposure and genuine consistent monthly returns being offered.

Key reasons for launching

Fusion's main purposes for launch and what we wanted to offer the end users:

Consistent Results

Consistency is key, we saw too many companies offering results for a number of days, weeks or sometimes months before entering major drawdown leading to either significant losses or even account blow ups. We wanted to offer a viable alternative that offered consistent results no matter the market conditions.

Low Market Exposure

Many systems in the market appeared/appear to keep clients accounts in the market for long periods of time, this increases loss potential. Additionally this increases the chances of exposure to high impact news events. We wanted to offer a system with low exposure, in and out of the market quickly.

No Bots

We had seen too many systems utilising bots which they had not created, and ultimately had no true control of. We do not like the use of bots and wanted to offer a system where manual trading was the only offering on the table, offering more control, knowing the systems we use work and being able to adapt.

Money management

Money management is one of the key components of being able to trade successfully in the markets. We saw too many systems using martingale or similar strategies to end in overall profit, we do not advocate this style of trading and wanted to offer a system where clients were not exposed to such tactics.

The Result

The end result was Fusion Forex. Testing a multitude of our past proven trading strategies we identified 3-4 key strategies which would ensure transitioning through markets with low and high volatility, ability to trade through changing market conditions whilst still keeping to the key points above.

Once identified Fusion tested the system for 12 months making sure that all the key reasons for launch were successfully being met before starting the process of building the company.

Finally the brand, company and systems were built, we partnered with our preferred trade copying company making sure that we were able to achieve execution times required and knowing our customers would be offered 24/7 high end support from them. Fusion was launched!

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